Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Half-term will be here faster than you know it, so I thought I'd share this crafty little activity with you. I noticed that our recycling bin was always overflowing with plastic cartons, so I asked Mrs. Hop to put her thinking cap on and come up with an idea that would make good use of all that plastic. After much debate we settled on pint sized penguins using different sized milk cartons.
All you need is acrylic paint, coloured card and several dot stickers (and a little patience while you wait for the paint to dry!). We started by painting the back, sides, top and top half of the front of the cartons black. When they were dry, we painted the lower front part of the cartons white. When that was dry we painted the lower half of the handles orange.
The wings (an elongated oval shape) are cut out of black card and attached using black sticky tape. Make the wings quite long and then fold the tips of the wings so they sit flat on the ground. 
The feet are cut out of orange card and attached underneath. Then finally the eyes are made from 3 different sizes of dot stickers, in white, yellow and black.

P.. P.. P.. Perfect!


Playing by the book said...

Absolutely BRILLIANT!

Unknown said...

Yes...... I'll have a two pint penguin please!

Tim Hopgood said...

Thanks Zoe. Thought they would appeal. Although they're not as original as your aubergine penguins!

Unknown said...

Those are so cute! Hi Tim, just found out about your book, Ping and Pong Best Friends Mostly. Wanted to let you know my bestie and I met in 2000 because of our love of penguins. Shortly after my bestie gave me a stuffed penguin she named hers Ping and I named mine Pong. We've been best friends ever since and still take our Ping and Pong to each others houses when we hangout. We also call each other Ping and Pong!!